Saturday, December 28, 2013



It's been a while since I posted anything....but quite a bit has been going on. As some of you know, I had unexpected surgery recently. I have been recovering quite well, and am feeling far better than I did before the surgery. It seems that colons are over-rated ;-)

I am planning to continue blogging, although I'm unsure whether I will be podcasting in the future. The blog will (hopefully) be updated at least once a week, and I'll have decent pictures here (one of my New Year's resolutions is to take proper pictures with a real camera for all my projects). I'll be updating on all my projects, not just the knitting. Starting New Year's Day, I'll be posting in this format. There will also be more cooking content to my posts: one of my Christmas presents will be getting quite a workout once it arrives next week!

Hope you all have had a wonderful holiday season, and have a great remainder of 2013.