Monday, May 30, 2011

Episode 8: Happy Memorial Day!

Here's Episode 8!

--------Show Notes---------
Works in Progress:
Wendy Johnson's Summer Mystery Shawl in Bernat Softee Baby (Soft Lilac Colorway)
Rusted Shawl in Madeline Tosh Merino Light (Antique Trinket Colorway)

Finished Objects:
Amouroso Scarf in Malabrigo Lace (Amouroso Colorway)

Fun Stuff:
Microbiology Coloring Book (Physiology and Anatomy are also available, and I love them all!)

Bad TV I think you should watch:
Ancient Aliens (It lacks any kind of real science, but I think it's hilarious. Some of the people they find...well, you should watch it just for them. Good mindless TV for knitting to).

Good TV I think you should watch:
Stargate SG-1 (Love, love, love this show! I know it's not for everyone, but give it a shot. It's like Intro to Sci-Fi).

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