Saturday, October 1, 2011

Episode 32: Good Week

Here's Episode 32:

-------Show Notes------------
On the Needles:
Happy Socks in Studio June Supercash Sock (Rainbows and Sunshine Colorway)
Jordan's Hat in Paton's Classic Wool (Jade Heather Colorway)

Finished Objects:
Courtney's Meret in Lion Brand Amazing (Joshua Tree Colorway)

On the Spindle:
Knit Picks Bare Wool of the Andies Roving (fingering weight)

Plurk Podcaster Challenge:
GO VOTE!!!!!

Stash Enhancement:
Terpsichore Shawl from DomestiKated Darling
Burgundy Fiber from DomestiKated Darling
Self-dyed Cotton Candy Wool

Future Projects:
Kayla's Hat in Vanna's Choice (Sapphire Colorway)
Terpsichore Shawl in my wedding yarn from Highland Handmades (Mrs. Warriner Colorway) to KAL with Wolfe Farms
Spinning my self-dyed fiber and fiber from Katie

In Other News:
I passed my first Foundations exam and my Medication Administration Validation with flying colors! Wahoo! I also (finally!) got our marriage license, so I am now officially Mrs. Warriner everywhere that matters (SSA, DMV, etc.). Also, free couch and winning stuff. :-)

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  1. Catching up on podcasts (I seem to be a week behind at the moment) and came to the part about spinning on your drop spindle. There is nothing wrong with pre-drafting to the thickness you want. You are not going to see a drafting triangle, because you are not drafting while you spin. Have you run across videos for the park and draft method? Trying to draft while spinning as a new spinner is like trying to run before you learn to walk. I am about to head out for the night but you can message me on Plurk or Rav if you want more info