Sunday, March 4, 2012

Episode 52: Break Ins and PJs

Here's Episode 52:

----------Show Notes---------
Yun's Marilinda Socks in Madeline Tosh Sock (Cherry Colorway)

In the OR:
Daybreak Shawl in Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock (Brites Rainbow Colorway) and Cascade Heritage Sock (True Black Colorway)
Will's Katamari Socks in Knit Picks Felici Self-Striping Sock (Afternoon Colorway)
Evenstar Shawl (Not Shown)

In the Morgue:
Adi's Baby Blanket (Will re-try in April)

Kelsey's Perry the Platypus Socks in Nalani Yarns Yikes Stripes Self-Striping Sock (Perry the Platypus Colorway)
Gollum Socks in Cascade Heritage Sock (Aqua Colorway)
Will's Gimli Socks in Cascade Heritatage Sock (True Red Colorway)

Highland Handmades Wensleydale (The Other You Colorway) - Spinning long draw, slow going.

Supply Room:
Reese's Pieces Yarn
Cascade Heritage Sock
Kollage Sock-A-Licious

Continuing Education:
Slow week, two tests, no class. Began Psych clinicals!

In Other News:
Susu's missing, twins are getting ready to come. And yes, I was in my PJs, I just forgot to mention it.
Thank you for the wonderful iTunes reviews!
Be sure to join us for the Cookie A KAL!

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  1. liking the hair cut. sorry to hear about your kitty. sending out positive vibes that you find her.