Sunday, February 17, 2013

Episode 91: On the Mend

Here's Episode 91:

----------Show Notes-----------
In the OR:
Endpaper Mitts in KnitPicks Palette (French Lavender and Fairy Tale Colorways)
Color Affection Shawl in Fearless FIbers Tight Twist Sock (Simple Values, Grass is Always Greener, and Blue Raven Colorways)
Peonies Socks in Spinning Fates Megara Sock (Peonies Colorway)

Aless' All-Day Beret
Neptune's Spectra
Crohn's/Colitis/IBD KAL in May?

Continuing Education:
Everything's going well, even when I make myself look like an airhead.

In Other News:
Mama was an EXCELLENT movie, and if you like that kind of film, go see it. Now.
Three months until we head home!

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