Thursday, June 20, 2013

Episode 105: Curse You, A/C Filter!

Here's Episode 105:

------------Show Notes-------------
Welcome Grayson Hat in Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock (Estuary Colorway)
Camp Loopy Haruni in Desert Vista Dyeworks Voir (Winter Pastels Colorway)

In the OR:
Monster Mobile in Sock Yarn Scraps
Merry Socks (not shown)

Camp Loopy Clapotis

Supply Room:
Yarn Pop bag I won from WWKIP Day
Malabrigo Lace (for Camp Loop #2)
Fiber and Crohn's yarn from Fibernymph Dyeworks

Fiber News:
WWKIP Day was a complete success. Awesome times.
Crohn's KAL is going until the end of July

Health News:
Our A/C filter needs to be changed. It decided to tell us this by making me horrendously sick and prompting a flare. :-/

Continuing Education:
I got my actual physical licenses!

In Other News:
Summer in the South is miserable. Just saying.

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