Sunday, May 6, 2012

Episode 61: Happy Podiversary!

Here's Episode 61:

------------Show Notes-----------
Podiversary Daybreak in Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock (Brites Rainbow Colorway) and Serenity Sock Yarn (Charcoal Colorway)
Nate's Monster Chunk in Vanna's Choice (Fern and Aqua Colorways)
Emily's Last Minute Slouch in Red Heart Soft (Chocolate Colorway)

In the OR:
Rainbow Spectra in Cascade Heritage Sock (Chocolate Colorway) and Crystal Palace Mini Mochi (Intense Rainbow Colorway)
Pamuya Shawl in Collinette Jitterbug (Neptune Colorway)
Pippin Socks in Miss Babs Yummy Toes Sock (Squash Blossom Colorway) for the Yarnivore KAL
Evenstar Shawl in Elegant Yarns Athena (Colorway 230)
Petunia the Patio Monster in Plymouth Encore Colorspun (Colorway 7137) for the Wolfe Farms KAL

Finished Knitty and Color 80/20 Merino/silk (Ultralight at Night Colorway): 452 yards fingering weight single from 4 oz.
Finished Knit Picks Bare Roving (Cotton Candy Kool-Aid dyed): 78 yards bulky weight from 100 grams.
Working on Greenwood Fiberworks Heathered BFL (Grapevine Colorway): 2 ply fingering weight. Spinning it the right way now, and it's SO thin!

Supply Room:
Highland Handmades Silver Maple Sock (Yay I'm Gay Colorway) that will be a Hitchhiker for the Hitch a Rainbow with Fru and Kate KAL running from May 15th to June 30th. You don't have to use rainbow yarn, but are highly encouraged to do so. Any of the patterns from the eBook are fine, but Fru and I will be knitting Hitchhikers.
Buttons are here! I'll be bringing them with me to any events I go to (or if I am planning to meet up with you!)
More items from Wolfe Farms; what can I say, it's amazing!

If you won a prize that will be mailed to you, let me know if you want a button!

Continuing Education:
Not much, other than my textbook is ridiculously out of date.

In the Nursery:
Twins are doing great, and are on their first trip this week. Nate turned two, and I put in a cute video of Alex and Will together at the end of the podcast.

In Other News:
Not a whole lot. Sick, have a cut up mouth, and bug bites everywhere. Oh well, so begins summer.


  1. Catherine, on behalf of Michelle, Kathryn, and Me, by the powers vested in me, I here by nominate you for the Liebster award! What is this award? Well, check this out..., and you will know. We were blessed with it, and now you are too. Congratulations!

  2. HAPPY PODIVERSARY!!!:D Okay I just have to say I teared up SO much at your beginning with Kermit singing...seriously all the pics and the song...*sniffs* I love it! Very touching. :)
    Oh wow the Evenstar is turning out lovely! :) The cotton candy yarn turned out nicely I think! :D I hope you are feeling better now! :)

    1. Awww, thanks so much! Really appreciate it :-)