Saturday, June 2, 2012

Episode 65: So Much Thanks

Here's Episode 65:

-----------------Show Notes---------------------
Hugo the Couch Potato Monster in Loops and Threads Impeccable (Pumpkin Colorway)
Hitchhiker Shawl in Highland Handmades Silver Maple Sock (Yay I'm Gay Colorway) for the Hitch a Rainbow with Fru and Kate KAL

In the OR:
Pippin Socks in Miss Babs Yummy Monochrome (Squash Blossom Colorway)
Spectra in Crystal Palace Mini Mochi (Intense Rainbow Colorway) and Cascade Heritage Sock (Chocolate Colorway)
Peonies Socks in Spinning Fates Megara (Peonies Colorway)

Gaia Shawl
Jeweled Cowl

Finished With The Lemons, started on What Little Girls Are Made OF

Broke my spindle again, but I fixed it correctly this time. Spinning the Greenwood Fiberworks Polwarth (Shades of Magenta Colorway) as a fingering weight 2-ply, fractal.

New Patients:
Julie from The Play Yard Podcast

Supply Room:
Ravelry runner up design bag from Manfredovna
Custom Bag from KnttingsMyBag
Lotions from Wolfe Farms

Continuing Education:
Not a whole lot. First test next week.

In Other News:
You have one more week to post on the 100 Member Giveaway Thread!
WWKIP Day is June 16th at Hoover Public Library. Come join us!
Thank you so much to everyone who sent me notes, PMs, or anything else; I really appreciate it!
We've come to a decision about Susu...


  1. Ahhhhhh..LOVE Hugoooo :) The Hitchhiker looks prettay :)

  2. Thanks for the enabling--I had to go buy the runner up bag on Zazzle. FYI to anyone reading this on Sunday, 6/3/12: There is a 20% discount code today only, and you can get free shipping by signing up for a free trial of Zazzle Black. It was super easy to cancel the trial after getting the free shipping!


  3. Love the FOs. Especially Hugo, I'm knitting him now! Your Hitchhiker is lovely. I love the happy socks too! I would love to have the colorway!