Saturday, June 16, 2012

Episode 67: Short and Sweet

Here's Episode 67:

-----------Show Notes----------------
In the OR:
Gaia Shrug in Red Heart Soft (White Colorway) and Knit Picks Aloft (White Colorway)
Peonies Socks in Spinning Fates Megara (Peonies Colorway)
Pippin Socks in Miss Babs Yummy Monochrome (Squash Blossom Colorway)
Jeweled Cowl (Not Shown)
Spectra Shawl (Not Shown)

Finished Dragonfly Fibers Polwarth (Coral Reef Colorway) - DK, 150 yards 2-ply. Needs to be re-plied.
Interlacement Yarns BFL (Soleil Colorway) - 1st 4 oz - Worsted, 138 yards 2-ply. Spinning up 2nd half as n-ply.
Crown Mountain Farms Merino (99 Luftballons Colorway) - Spinning as a 2-ply. It looks AWESOME.

Continuing Education:
Getting busy. Need to work on stuff before going to SSK.

In Other News:
Sick, sick, sick, decided not to go to WWKIP Day.
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