Friday, May 10, 2013

Episode 101: Change of Plans

Here's Episode 101:

-----------Show Notes-------------
In the OR:
Funny Papers Hitchhiker in Miss Babs Northumbria Fingering (Funny Papers Colorway)
SG-1 Fair Isle Hat in Knit Picks Palette (Delta and Currant Colorways)

Memories of Paris Cross-Stitch
Cross-Stitch Fail

Highland Handmades (Cherry Blossom and Zion)

Continuing Education:
I am DONE! Graduation is on Friday, but everything else is completely done. Oh, and I have a job :-)

In Other News:
We....aren't moving to California. I know, BIG change. Very happy about it though: Will is going to be working on his PhD, I have a job lined up, and everything looks good.
Be sure to donate to our team for Taking Steps Birmingham! Follow this link, not the older one, since we're doing the Birmingham walk now :-)

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