Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Episode 25: Nursing School Has Begun!

Here's Episode 25:

--------Show Notes----------
On the Needles:
Camp Loopy Shawl in Baruffa Cashwool (Red Colorway)
Stethoscope Cozy in ShiBuiKnits Sock (Zinneas Colorway)

Plurk Podcaster Challenge - I should get my pattern next week; I'll be asking you for yarn choices.
Special Guests - Not telling who they are, but it should line up with the PPC

In Other News:
Nursing school has started, and everything is still kind of crazy. Working on getting my schedule ironed out. This week, we're taking vitals in skills lab, and I'm working on getting all my stuff together. Loving every minute of it though.

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