Saturday, August 20, 2011

Episode 26: To Rip or Not To Rip?

Here's Episode 26:

-----------Show Notes------------
Finished Objects:
Stethoscope Cozy in ShiBui Knits Sock (Zinneas Colorway)

On the Needles:
Camp Loopy Shawl in Baruffa Cashwool (Red Colorway)

Stash Enhancement:
Beads for the Camp Loopy Shawl, plus 75 1/4 inch buttons that I have NO idea what to do with.

In Other News:
Trying to decide whether to rip out the shawl and just do miles and miles of stockinette to use up all the required yardage. (UPDATE: Decided to frog it. Found a simple stockinette shawl with a pretty lace/bead border. Starting on it now.)
Nursing school is awesome, and I'm loving every minute of it. First Validation on Friday.

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